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Matthew Quek is a prolific and versatile local singer and composer. Matthew has obtained an ABRSM Grade 8 in singing with Distinction and a Trinity College ATCL Diploma in singing.  Matthew also has an impressive track record in competitions. He was the runner up in the ESSO Campus Discovery competition 2000 held in NUS and the winner of the solo English category in both the NTU Impresario 2001 and Rhapsody 2001 competitions, which were organised on a nation wide basis. His original composition also was one of the three compositions selected for the finals in the Rhapsody 2001 competition. In December 2004, Matthew was crowned the first MOE (Ministry of Education) Idol. In February 2008, Matthew participated in the AA (Automobile Association) Singfest competition and won the first prize in the Open category (18 to 49 years old).

Matthew is also a seasoned and engaging stage performer; having sang solo at several concerts. Matthew held a solo concert recital at the Victoria Concert Hall in March 2000. In February 2001, he performed a sold out solo concert entitled “Music of the Night” which was held in NUS under the EXXON MOBIL Campus concert scheme. This was followed up with another solo concert in January 2002 called “This is the Moment”. In addition, Matthew has been invited to both Borders and Library @ Orchard in June 2001 and December 2001 to promote his songs. Matthew was also invited to sing solo at the SCI (Singapore Confederation of Industries) 70th anniversary in October 2002 when Prime Minister Goh Chok Tong was the special guest of honour. Matthew also is a regular singer for the Singapore Rotary Club. In addition, Matthew also performed rather extensively for the “Heartland Shopping surprise” events in November and December 2003, singing popular English and Mandarin hits of different genres. Matthew was also invited to sing in the Singapore Arts Festival South West CDC outdoor event at West Coast Park. In July 2005, Matthew was invited to sing a solo item from “The Phantom of the Opera” during a farewell ceremony for Dr Ng Eng Hean. Matthew was also asked to present a solo item (Reach our for the skies) for the National Day Observance Ceremony in August 2005. In May 2006, Matthew was appointed to sing and record the theme song for the annual MOE Teachers conference.

Matthew has five albums under his belt. Together with his sister, Dorcas Quek, he produced two albums- “If I Loved You” and “Someone like you”; featuring favorite songs from the musicals; and two more albums-“Treasures of the Heart” and “ You are the One.

Matthew has just produced his latest album entitled "My Romance" in 2009. This album contains a wonderful mix of jazz standards, musical theater and love song numbers. Produced by internationally renowned jazz artiste Jeremy Monteiro, Matthew hopes this album will be a platform for him to share his passion and love for music both on the local and international music arena.

Matthew is also an avid singer with a heart for the community. In October 2002, he performed in a project that was organised by the Southeast CDC for the inmates. The purpose was to help re-integrate the Kaki Bukit prisoners into society through music and composition. Matthew also was requested to sing solo for Mr Lim Swee Say (Minister for the Environment) at a “Young PAP” organised event aimed at promoting racial harmony.

Matthew has also been featured frequently in the media. He was interviewed by Belinda Sunshine (Radio Singapore International) in the programme “Youth Beat” and “Limelight. Also, Chris Ho (Radio Singapore International) has featured Matthew in the programme “Singapop”. Matthew was also featured on Radio 93.8 F.M- “The Living Room”, a programme hosted by Stanley Leong.

NOTE: The sender, Miriam Jackierowicz Arman, is the author of “The Voice: A Spiritual Approach to Singing and Communication”. This book is currently being sold in Singapore. She is currently director of Music Visions International Academy in Florida.

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Matthew what is going all with all the competition to the CD's. They arrived today and I am now listening to are so talented, my G-D if you were here, you would be auditioning for Broadway. I am sending my Sec. to a grant writing week...she will write a grant for you to come her to work with me and for sending you to auditions in NY....and to so a professional demo for you...this is great, but there is so much to do on really making the voice perfect in all ways...but for the amount of time we are working together this is a phenomenal accomplishment. It would be great if your studies included our work, so when I say this is my student, there is some documentation.....whatever...I will do my best....can I burn CD's from what you sent me, so I can see if I can send them to some
people.....let me know.

Congrats, there is power, musicality and technique...there will be greatness
in that sound....


NOTE: The sender of this e-mail, Lisa Popeil,  is the producer of the video “The Total Singer”. She is an internationally acclaimed teacher based in Los Angeles.
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Subject: Got your CD!

Dear Matthew,
I received your CD and am so delighted to hear how great you are!  I had no idea you could sing like that.  You truly are a professional-level musical theater singer.  I've only heard most of the musical CD as I'm rushing to prepare for my 17-day trip to Scandinavia, leaving tomorrow.  Your floaty high notes are divine. You should be auditioning for musicals- you're that good- I just can't get over it! I'll write you again when I have a chance.Keep up the good work..

 Your friend,
 Lisa Popeil

NOTE: The sender of this mail, Billy Purnell, is an extraordinary international vocal instructor who has groomed many singing stars. He is the producer of the “Ultimate Voice Training set” for singers.

Hi Matthew,
This is Billy.  We listened to the CD's you sent; you have a wonderful gift and I'm sure you are an inspiration to all who hear your voice.  May God continue to use you mightily in your ministry!! 


Hi Matthew I’m listening to your CDs right now with my wife. I must say that I am impressed with your musical talents. You have a very warm, expressive voice – well-modulated and well-produced. You have very good control over your high notes and your singing register is very even. My wife thinks you have a lot of tone colour and that you interpret the pieces with great sensitivity. I notice a contrast in your rendition between the 2 CDs and that you are using the style best suited for musicals. I shall look forward to listening to your interview.

God bless
Dr Oliver Seet


Thanks so much for your cd!  I actually received it before I left, but did not have the time to listen to it till i returned on sunday.  I absolutely love it, I think you did a fabulous job on all the songs on the cd and I listen to it as often as I can.  I would love to purchase more copies of the cd for my friends so please let me know if you have any left. Oh, and I think I heard Fantasia sing "Summertime" on yesterday's AI3.  To be honest, I thought it was really really bad (my younger brother described it as "cringeworthy") and I felt her voice was not suited for the song.  I had no idea why the judges were fawning over her like that.  Even the audience seemed kind of baffled over the excessive praise.  I think you did a better job on your cd!


Dear Mr.Quek,

My name is Suvit from Bangkok ,Thailand. I just went to Singpore for holidays and went to see a concert at Esplanade. I just bought one of yours cd title "you are the one". The women at the counter suggest me to try your cd. Your songs are very nice and you have a good interpretation and very nice voice. It is wonderful listening to your songs. My question is that is there any place in Singapore that I can buy your cd by the internet or mail. I just like to listen to more of your albums. There is another one ...songs from musicals like the les miserables.etc. Please suggest me how to purchase your cd from abroad. I can send my bank draft to the shop if possible that they will send me here.Thanks for your beautiful songs and voice you did to make people happy.

Yours sincerely,

Assoc.Prof. Suvit Bunyavejchevin MD, MHS
Chief of Urogynecology and Gynecologic Endoscopy  Unit
Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology
Faculty of Medicine
Chulalongkorn University
BKK 10330 Thailand
Tel. 66-2-2564241 or 66-2-6525255

Dear Matthew

This is Chisako Okuda. Thank you for your e-mail. On Sunday I was so excited that I lost the memo written your address. I am sorry. Then I am very happy to get your website address and listen to your songs.I have been in Singapore for only 3 months. Your mail is the first one from a Singaporean for me. And my SMS on Monday is the first one to Singaporean. Because I am not good at speaking and writing English, I can’t tell you enough how your songs make me feel.

All one can say is that you are a good singer. Last Sunday was my first off-day in June for me. I enjoyed your performance from bottom of my heart. Thank you very much.To tell the truth, I like musical and old American movies and always sing those songs in Karaoke in Japan. Next tomorrow I will go to the Esplanade to buy your CDs!If you will have any concert, please tell me about it. I will go anywhere to see you.

One of your Japanese fans
Chisako Okuda


Hi Matthew, Compliments from the guests at the seminar. "Thank you for inviting Matthew Quek to sing. It was such a joy to be ministered through songs. It was excellent and a treat to my ears." 

-Sylvia Chua "Matthew songs were a pleasant surprise."
 -Luke Akili

Shyr Chin